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I get a lot of email from other swingers, couples, and women with inquiries to do videos or just straight hook-ups with no filming. I love my fans but after a while it gets exhausting answering the same question repeatedly. So I compiled a list of things that can make it happen.

1. LOCATION: You have to be somewhat in my area or close to NYC/NJ/CT/Philly. Although I have traveled for many shoots and booty calls, the reality is it can be expensive. I do this for a living and my profit margin is razor thin so I can't afford added expenses. If you are not close you must be willing to fly me to you and take care of accommodations or you fly out to meet me.

2. PICTURES: Send me pictures and make sure you include the following poses: a G rated face picture and a full body picture, both recent (yesterday is recent, your body shots from a year ago are not). Make sure the pictures are accurate. I don't want to show up and be disappointed by a misrepresentations.

3. RELEASE FORM: If you want to do a movie, You have to be over 18, with 2 forms of ID. you will need to sign a modeling release form. Our playtime will be for internet and DVD distribution, along with whatever other ways I can come up with to market my products. Once we film, and it is released, it will not be taken down. I will give you a copy of the footage and you will be free to do with it as you please.

If you can't show your face I have masquerade masks and ski masks that can cover you entire head. If you have tattoos you don't want being shown I would suggest you use makeup foundation to cover them up. I will try to do some imaginative camera angles and editing that may hide your identity but not always guaranteed. I often get requests for multiple guys (gangbangs) which I don't orchestrate anymore. Not because I don't want to, but because I can only guarantee myself showing up. To be honest, it can be quite challenging. The logistics and coordination involved can be overwhelming. I can try if you want it badly, but there is no guarantee it will happen.

4. PHONE: I am old school. Although I do a lot of social media, I will not entertain a potential hook-up without first getting voice confirmation. That means I have to talk to you on the phone or Skype to confirm who you are and you are what you say you are. If you are a couple I would need to talk to both together. Emails are great for introduction but I simply don't have the time to engage in long drawn out texting and email before I confirm who you are.

5. TEST: I am tested regularly and have paperwork. If you want to play without a condom you should have a current test ready to provide me.


When emailing a producer saying you want to "get into porn", you should be specific in your inquires (acting, producing, website, camera man etc). The best way is to do your own research. Google "how to get into the porn industry" you will find a bunch of articles on how to get started in what area you want. There you will find much better answers than I could possibly give. My company is small and I do everything myself from production to editing, without sourcing out. That being said, here is a rundown on how it generally works with me.

1. BUDGET: As I said before I am a small company with a tight budget and I have never paid for male talent. It is just not within my production budget. Male talent generally don't get paid a lot anyways, especially unproven ones. There are a dozen guys I know that will shoot for free.

2. PERFORMANCE: Paid shoots are a huge financial risk with an unproven guy. If the guy can't get hard or cums too quick, the girls still gets paid. Every guy I have met has told me yes they can do it but it's almost never the case. Its one thing fucking your girl on vine or recording yourself jerking-off. A whole other thing doing it for someone else with lights, camera and strangers. It's a lot harder doing it in front of the camera with folks watching. The guys I have used in the past for my videos do it for the fun of it, not for money.

3. CAREER: If you are going to do it as a career and don't know where you life is going to be in 5 years there is the chance someone at your job, your family or girlfriend finds out about it. You won't be making enough to quit your job if you been found out early in the game. Producers like me don't need you hunting us down three years from now asking if I can take your video down because your boss or girlfriend found out. In my opinion it is not worth the the little pay you get for it as a talent. But if you still want to get in the biz I would go in with the mindset of wanting to be a producer. You may be better off looking to a bigger more established company for more exposure. It's also probably more profitable for you to do it on your own, (start your own production company/website) that is how I started.

I found this article online that may be helpful

How much do male porn actors make, and how are they paid? I mean when you first get interviewed, do they pay by the inch, or by how attractive you are in general or by how much prior "professional" experience you have in the industry. Do you get paid royalties for every dvd sold or every pay per view porn site visited? The reason I'm asking is that I'm just getting my feet wet in this business

you can make anything from $50 to $1500 per scene. You get paid per scene, and nothing more. No royalties, no inches, nothing to do with your attractiveness.

Here are some more ideas about how to get involved.
Getting into the porn industry is very very difficult if you are a man. You must be able to get it up, keep it up, and then cum within 2 or 3 minutes of being asked. That is a given. You have to be at least 7 inches and very thick, preferably over eight. You have to be in some kind of physical shape, and you have to have stamina. You have to be willing to work with any girl in any situation, and be prepared for stop-start sex.

Sending pictures will get you nowhere. You have to actually GO to the studios and introduce yourself and then they will take naked polaroids of you and get back to you. But even then, your chances are minimal.

There is always a market for porn actors, regardless of your background and personal requirements, but at the same time you have to have (a) talent, (b) luck, and (c) you must be in a good location. New York, Miami, San Fran, London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Prague, Budapest, Montreal, Toronto, Vegas, even Minneapolis all have decent porn-producing studios, but 95% of the top adult movies in the world today are produced in Porn Valley. That is the San Fernando Valley in NorthWest Los Angeles, California. If you don't live in or near that valley, your chances are automatically significantly smaller.

Once you're in the Valley, go to VCA Platinum, Elegant Angel, Metro or Wicked (in Chatsworth), Vivid (in Van Nuys) or Sin City (in Canoga Park). But as I said, your chances of getting hired as part of a walk-in are extremely low.

If you're looking for low-budget internet porn jobs, they are out there, and searching on yahoo and google and excite can be productive. Instead of looking for advertised jobs, look for actual sites which offer the kinds of porn you'd like to be involved in and think you have a chance of being involved in). Then, make sure the porn is made by and for the website itself, then contact the webmasters and owners of the site and try and strike up a negotiation for an appearance in a movie for them. Of course, you need to have your photographs and details online.

Now assuming you go to the Valley, or somewhere similar, the best advice is always to find a stunning girl who wants to be a pornstar, and go to a studio with her. The girl should specify that she wants to work with you and the - ouila - you have a job. They'll always hire a hot girl, and if she's only willing to work with you, you just received a free ticket into porn superstardom.

If you're looking to do gay porn, the girl is unneccessary and it will be ten times easier for you to get a job. Gay porn stars are always needed and if you're willing to do that, unless you're completely unattractive to most men, you will get work in LA.

The old/young/kinky/hardcore thing is vital, especially if you are not bringing a new female into the industry, as they call it. You have to be willing to do ANYTHING and they will often start you off on something gross. Naturally, you'll have to perform very well in your first few movies particularly, and then you'll also have to work for small amounts until you're well known.

If you're thinking of mainstream acting or what not, you almost certainly will be exposed by the paparazzi. Once you do porn, your ENTERTAINMENT career is permanently red-flagged. Just come up with an alias and make it clear that your identity is to be kept a secret. Many pornstars do that.

If you're looking to get into gay porn in particular, it's simple. Move to LA. Go to the gay porn studios (they're in the book, they're all over the place), and walk right in and audition. They'll know within five minutes if you're what they're looking for and they're ALWAYS hiring.

Agents and agencies are sometimes OK but usually not, be very careful. The best thing to do is to write to a few male porn stars and ask them how they got involved, and how to get involved, agency/agent/studio wise. They'll tell you. It will probably even be in their online bios.

Good luck!
P.S. One other thing you can do is to put ads up or look in adult industry sites such as, or

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